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Streamlining Management - Securing Success with One24 

Utilize One24 to streamline your workflow, manage your team, difficult procedures, and routine chores, and ascent the success ladder.

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Organizational Troubles

Several organizations fall back on profit and productivity because of some unknown and unfocused challenges like:

Unstructured Internal Process Lack of Predefined Workflows Productivity Loss Recruitment ChallengesLengthy Payroll ProcessInefficient Data ManagementChallenges in Performance Tracking

Redressal of Your Organizational Troubles

One24 is the best choice for resolving organizational issues hindering your business growth.

010203040506070809Organized Employee ManagementDiligent HR processIntelligent Project OversightImproved Product/Service QualityThorough Problem RedressalCareful Financial OperationsEfficient Hardware ManagementClever Resource AllocationData-based Organizational Decisions

Utilizing One24 to Boost Achievement

One24 is no longer optional but a mandatory approach to address and resolve several complexities. Excessive administrative workloads, hiring hold-ups, inefficiencies in costs, and compliance hazards can be put at bay with One24. Configure your payroll process and turn on automated attendance tracking. Make data-driven decisions, reduce errors and lost opportunities, and prevent time and effort waste by utilizing One24.

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    IT companies
    uses One24

  • 500+

    Employees managed

  • 78%

    Increase in timely
    task completion

  • 86%

    of clients experienced smooth onboarding

What Our One24 Have in Store for You?

Discover unparalleled efficiency and control over your workforce and managerial tasks with One24. Seamlessly orchestrate your business operations and HR process in a streamlined way. s, and prevent time and effort waste by utilizing One24.

RECRUITMENT ANDONBOARDING EMPLOYEE TRACKER PROJECTMANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE SUPPORT HR AND ADMINISTRATION PERFORMANCE AND ANALYTICS Task Management DocumentManagement Leave Management Tracker 360 Degree Report HR Management Accounting/FinanceManagement Hardware AssetManagement ReportingManagement 360 Project Overview Team KRA’s CandidateManagement InterviewManagement Candidate Reminders Team & AttendanceManagement Project Management Bug Management Invoicing HR Internal Ticketing NetworkInternal Ticketing HardwareInternal Ticketing

Streamline and Optimize Your Organization's Operations with Our Comprehensive Solution - Save Time, Save Money!

PowerPact Solution for Your IT Organization

A complete solution to manage multiple things through one tool. Measure your employee's activities and their performance with numeric data and charts, track your hardware & assets, and your project updates with One24. A simpler solution for complex operations.

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