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Introducing One24, your all-in-one platform for leading teams, handling challenging assignments, and streamlining daily operations. Developed to optimize your operations and drive your company’s expansion, this tool gives you the ability to effectively manage every facet of your company. You can precisely prioritize projects, assign resources, and coordinate teams with ease because of the amazing features and user-friendly modules. Bid farewell to disorganized procedures and welcome increased efficiency. One24 is your success partner, boosting productivity and efficacy at every stage of your business, no matter how big or little.

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Multiple Features – One Solution


Human Resources

This feature provides multiple modules to optimize HR procedures. It allows effective handling of personnel data, payroll, benefits, and compliance—from employee onboarding to performance reviews. HR duties are made easier with user-friendly interfaces and adaptable workflows, freeing up organizations to concentrate on developing their workforce and creating a positive workplace culture.

Revolutionize your HR Management today with One24!


Project Management

Switch to a single platform for precise planning, executing, and monitoring projects. Experience smooth teamwork, task distribution as well as progress monitoring, guaranteeing effective project completion with One24. Customize processes, report charts, and milestone tracking to provide real-time insights into the allocation of resources and project status. With our all-inclusive project management feature, you can efficiently drive productivity and accomplish project success.

Want a better hold on all your projects?


Hardware & Assets

Gain access to a robust solution for tracking and managing all company assets and hardware inventory with One24. From computers to equipment, get comprehensive asset tracking, including maintenance schedules, depreciation tracking, and allocation history. With real-time insights into asset utilization and availability, businesses can optimize resource allocation, and minimize downtime.

Manage your team, complex tasks, and day-to-day operations while optimizing your workflow and moving up toward business growth.


Departments & Teams

Designate roles, organize departments, and distribute resources effectively with One24. Promote collaboration throughout your organization and simplify communication with adaptable team structures and role-based access controls. With the help of efficient team management, this feature guarantees responsibility clarity and boosts productivity for project-specific teams and cross-functional departments.

Streamline team collaboration and promote organizational performance with One24.


Employee Management

Employee Management module offers a complete solution for handling every facet of the employee lifecycle. Managers may effectively look after the staff and promote a productive work environment with the use of centralized employee profiles, task assignments, and performance tracking. Manage multiple things of employees through one tool – One24.

Do you think employee management is a complex task? Want to ease things up?


Sales Management

Our organizational management system’s Sales Management module provides excellent features to optimize sales procedures and stimulate revenue expansion. Thanks to its efficient lead management, pipeline tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM) features, sales teams can nurture more leads and close deals. Gain useful insights into sales performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales strategies and maximize profitability.

Enable business expansion and increase sales with our all-inclusive Sales Management system. Our goal is to assist organizations in saving time and costs


People Also Ask

Clear your cloud of queries with all the frequently asked questions answered by our experts from One24.

A complete software program created to enhance and streamline different IT organizational operations. Modules for resource planning, cooperation, and project management are usually included.

  • Are you a CEO of a leading IT company who is unable to measure your team’s performance? – One24 is your solution.
  • Facing difficulty with project management, team management, and project deadline management as a project manager? – One24 can be your helping hand.
  • Is your hiring and onboarding process time-consuming, leading to losing potential employees? – Speed it up with the HR Management Module of One24

There are plenty of challenges you don’t even know your IT business is facing leading to missed opportunities. Get a walkthrough of One24 and explore the new realm of potential possibilities to boost your IT business.

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  • What if you have a potential project lead but due to poor management, you missed it?
  • Imagine having a good candidate slip to another company due to delayed communication.
  • What if your employees are not performing well but you have no key performance metrics set to review and analyze?

You can wave your goodbye to the missed opportunities with an One24 in place. The One24 helps your IT company in many ways, such as increased productivity, sprint planning, better teamwork, centralized data management, enhanced communication, real-time process insights, and overall streamlined operations.

A few features to look for are resource planning, customized dashboards, task tracking, document management, project management tools, and reporting capabilities. With an One24 in place, you can manage your entire team with one solution, from onboarding the candidates to their exit process, everything can be processed and managed with ease. From people to projects, One24 is your digital solution for decreased manual efforts and increased profitability.

Yes, One24 has customization features that let you fit the system to the needs of your IT company. This entails customizing fields, modifying workflows, and setting up modules to correspond with your procedures.

Have you missed a task or two because of managing different things on different platforms? Not anymore when One24 has everything on one platform. Make quick decisions with all the information on one channel. To promote cooperation and lessen the need for dispersed communication channels, it usually has features like task assignments, file sharing, and collaboration tools. A centralized platform that allows for real-time team collaboration is offered by an One24.

Imagine a situation as an owner/CEO or managerial role of an IT Company where you must generate reports for every department differently, analyzing their performance on different platforms and missing the opportunity for improvement!

One24 system comes with analytics and reporting features that shed light on organizational procedures. By providing visibility into project statuses, resource utilization, and other critical KPIs and KRAs, these solutions assist leaders in making data-driven decisions.

Although the implementation process is different for every IT firm, it usually includes an evaluation of the needs, software installation and configuration, data migration, user training, and continuous support. There are multiple modules available to choose from like:

  • Employee Management Module
  • Attendance and Leave Management Module
  • Employee Work Tracking (Timer and Screenshots app)
  • Auto Salary Generation Module
  • Daily Tasks and Timesheet Management
  • Team Management Module
  • Project Management Module
  • Quality/Bugs/Ticket Module
  • HR Ticket/Support Module

Based on the size of your IT business, your strengths, and your requirements, we help you analyze the modules required and then implement the ones best suited for your IT organization.

Yes, our One24 can be integrated with CRM and other tools. However, the need for integrating any tools will be totally eliminated with our One24 in place as it offers everything your organization needs. From employee self-service (ESS) to automated time and attendance, from dynamic scheduling to cross-functional collaboration dashboard, from SLA Adherence tracking to RPA integration for administrative tasks, from mobile workforce enablement to granular workforce analytics, from project management to release planning management, everything your IT organization is available on one single platform – One24.

Switch to a new and advanced way of working that your workforce will love with our One24.